Friday, 29 January 2016


Hello beautiful people, I'm sending you warm wishes & big kisses straight from New York! You can't imagine how excited I am to stay in this wonderful city for around two months and share my whole experience with you guys. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @amoureusedemode and snapchat @ruta_adm, I'll be definitely posting all exciting moments over there!
Today I've decided to share with you my love & recommendation for a Lithuanian brand called Wake Me Not. Since first time I saw it online, I instantly fell in love with the branding and the idea itself as it's really something I can call 'my style'. So basically, Wake Me Not is a brand of very cozy, stylish, minimalistic and good quality sleepwear. The reason I fell in love straight away is that I always wanted to have a very feminine, kind of grown-up lady's sleepwear/dressing gown to wonder around my house in the mornings. And I found it!
It came in a very beautiful, white box, so I guess it could be a perfect gift for someone you love :)
P.S. You can find my dressing gown over here


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