Monday, 8 September 2014


As you may know, previous Thursday was launched a brand new H&M studio collection! I was very excited as I got an invitation to check those gorgeous clothes just before the store opened and also to have a proper photoshoot with them. Well yes, we didn't receive the whole collection here in Lithuania but believe me, you can really find something beautiful for yourself! Personally, I wanted to get way more than half of the collection and this is quite a big thing, because usually I'm very picky. 

Anyway, I prepared 3 different looks in 3 different posts specially for you guys! Today I want to present you my very first outfit which is probably my favourite. I just love that masculine part of the collection: loose classy trousers and blazers which remind a man suit but at the same time looks perfect on a woman figure. Well, I didn't want to look too classy and too office style, so I took this gorgeous bustier from the Studio collection as well! 



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