Sunday, 30 September 2012


I feel realy happy that this Sunday I found a droplet of time to break away from everything concerned wih school ( I mean my homework and so on) because usually I set this day for studying( I think like most of you). But this time I threw all those unpleasant things away and decided to have a dinner with my parents in our favourite and "traditional"- Pizza Jazz.mmm
Today I have choosen to be a "dark lady". Probably because of the weather and coldness...brrr. 
I am wearing my new (actually not new, because it's from second-hand shop) leather skirt decorated by myself with a little colourful diamonds ! And also I finally found my favourite hat with a plenty of pearls, yeeey !

So take a look and keep in touch !


  1. atrodai puikiai kaip visad :)

  2. the hat is beautiful where did you bought it ?

    1. Thank you, dear ! I have bought it in some little shop, I actually don't remember the name:(
      Thanks again for your lovely comments !

  3. Nu tikrai sauniai atrodai! Kiek ziurinejau foto tavo vieninteles uzkliuvo, visi derinukai super :) Sekmes !


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