Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Just a quick outfit post wearing my new loves Nikies & Rare London jumpsuit. I was actually planning to wear this jumpsuit together with some heels but then I thought - it's definitely not my style. I always try to combine something sporty with elegant & classy as I love staying comfy no matter what! Well yes, I like wearing heels as well but not in London and not during the weekdays when you have to rush to some different locations, it's just killing me then! 

Thursday, 9 April 2015


It's been a while since I last posted, but there was a reason! I went back home to visit my family for the Easter break and the only thing I wanted was to relax & forget that crazy-busy life in London. However, as I've stayed in Lithuania only for a week, it has been such a rush all the time that I didn't manage to do everything that was planned and meet all the people I wanted...Well, at least now I know that I need to go back home more often than every 6 months!

As soon as our plane landed in London, we've got the best surprise ever - amazing weather! I've actually fell as I was in Barcelona when I stepped out of a plane. I was waiting for this season A LOT as it's definitely my favourite one! London is just a different city during the spring/summer seasons, it's so alive, full of positive emotions and smiling people everywhere. Believe me, when you live in London, these little things make your life much easier and happier as all those rushing moments, busy weekdays become less exhausting.

While I was back home, I just couldn't miss visiting Julia Janus store. It's my second collaboration with this brand and I'm so pleased to work with them as I just love the quality and original pieces they create. I've picked this super light white top which is soooo soft, you can even feel it on your skin! Especially in spring, I always want light fabrics, not only in colour but also in the texture. I'm sure this top will be my favourite as it goes so easily with black leather pants (which are my fave) and basically any shoes!

Hope you guys love these images my boyfriend took in this wonderful location xx


Sunday, 29 March 2015


What could be more exciting than closing the weekend with a new & exciting project! A few weeks ago we had a shooting in Barbican with Auste and Mike (super talented & really cool guys) & I'm more than happy they've asked me to be a model as I just love love love these images!

I highly recommend you guys to visit Auste's & Mike's websites if you love creative work & photography, I'm sure you'll get inspired!


Saturday, 28 March 2015


I feel so happy and inspired as the spring is finally here in London! I was waiting for this moment for a pretty long time and it's finally happening, wohooo. What's obvious, with the warm weather warm colours are coming to my wardrobe. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, pastels are getting over my clothing palette and, I believe, you'll see them quite often here on the blog!

Also, I think spring is a perfect time to start wearing heels and I'll try to do that more often! Actually, I'm not a big fan of high heels as then I'm taller than most of my friends and yes, it hurts my feet and I get tired so quickly...Can't imagine how other girls can wear heels every single day, seriously. However, these baby blue ones are so pretty that I can live with that for a while haha!

For this look I've chosen my favourite Lavish Alice trousers & blazer, Sofab baby blue heels and this time loads of accessories! Actually, jewellery pieces play a huge role in this outfit. I'm wearing not only my beloved Edge of Ember but also a bracelet and necklace from a Lithuanian handmade accessories and clothing brand MELLOW. I'm always so excited to work with such talented people from my country, I feel like a have additional Love Points for brands especially from Lithuania haha! I really love these two pieces, it match so easily with absolutely everything. 

And a massive thank you to my photographer Cristiana Malcica, I just love love love these pictures x


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


After posting this outfit, I've made a decision to at least try to not wear trousers that often. I've realized that I don't remember the last time I was wearing a skirt or a dress which is not really usual for me. I think it's because my life became much busier and I feel more comfortable with jeans or pants, however 1. It's spring, 2. I'm a girl and 3. Skirts and dresses make my figure look even better so guys, I'm making a statement now - more skirts and dresses from tomorrow (fingers crossed it will work!).

Today I'm here with a really badass look haha! This time New Yorker turned me into a "biker/street kid" with these grey, black and dark green tones. Usually my style is pretty girly, I definitely love light & bright colours more than dark ones. However, I do believe that sometimes we all want to change ourselfs a bit so this outfit completely fits in this "let's be different" category. 

By the way, I got a bit bored of my long hair so during my visit to Lithuania (which is next week, wohoooo) I'm going to a hairdresser and let's hope my hair will look much better! I've actually started my blog when my hair was really short and it took me around 2 years to grow them back, but now I'm thinking about cutting them again. Do you guys think I should stick with this idea? If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to leave your comments down bellow!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015


If someone would ask you, what's in your head when you think of a word SPRING? These pictures are the answer to this question (if someone would ask me).

 / White / minimal / light / fresh / soft /

Monday, 23 March 2015


Here I am with my new, refreshing outfit head to toe from New Yorker! It's all about light colours and pastels this time and, to be honest with you guys, I think this spring/summer season  you'll see loads of pastels as most of pieces in my wardrobe are already in white, pale pink or creamy. 

This outfit is just a cozy and playful choice for travelling or spending the whole day walking around the city and the best part of it is that you can find all these pieces in New Yorker stores at the moment so if there's anything you really love, you can definitely purchase it!

This time very quickly but guys, I have video prepared for you sooo stay tuned!


Ph Cristiana Malcica

Friday, 20 March 2015


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may know that during the LFW I was captured by LYST team and won a gift card to shop at Liberty London, how exciting huh?? So as everything is pretty expensive there, it took me a while to decide what I really want to buy and what I actually need at the moment. You know those times when your all cosmetic products run out at the same time? Well, that happened to me so my answer to What Should I Buy instantly became - cosmetics!

I went for NARS this time as I've never used it before. And to be honest with you, I think I made a good choice because I absolutely love all the products I've bought! As all my previous make up products were almost finished, I grabbed all those Must Have ones. Starting with primer, foundation, concealer till face powder, highlighter and lip gloss (which I've actually got as a gift!).

I'm planning to do more detailed post telling you more about the products itself, but for now I just wanted to share with you how the product looks like and to guarantee that the quality is really really good! 

Let me know guys if you've ever used Nars and what is your opinion about it!


Monday, 16 March 2015


Spring season is finally here, so let's take your brightest clothes outside! What about pink?? It's so funny, I found this coat in Primark for 10 pounds which is really crazy! Neoprene is one of my favourite fabrics so far, so finding this beauty was such a luck. I've also matched my golden sunnies to brighten up my look even more & my new favourite COS socks which goes so well with opened shoes.

I hope you guys are ready for the spring season & don't be afraid to wear something bright and noticeable!


Coat PRIMARK / sunnies FREYERS SUNGLASSES / trousers & a bag ZARA / shoes H&M / socks COS / pom pom H&M

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Just a quick look to my new Zoeva brushes. Aren't they gorgeous?? It's actually my third brushes set from Zoeva (a massive thanks guys!) and it's definitely my favourite. The design part is so so beautiful and delicate & the quality is just great as well. It's so soft and applies cosmetics easily. Highly recommended!

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